100 Piece Creative Pack

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Description- Sparking hours of limitless creativity, fun and unstructured play, Connetix 100 piece Creative Pack will bring imaginations to life.

As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex. Expand your collection and complement your 100 Piece Creative Pack with the 62 Piece Starter Pack and 40 Piece Expansion Pack to collect every shape in every colour – or take your magnetic tile play fun to the next level with the unique Ball Run Expansion Pack!

Recommended Age: 3+ (contains magnets and small parts)


  • 6 x Large squares (6×6 inch)

  • 36 x Small squares

  • 12 x Equilateral triangles

  • 12 x Right angle triangles

  • 12 x Isosceles triangles

  • 6 x Window square pieces

  • 6 x Hollow square pieces (door frames)

  • 4 x Rectangles

  • 6 x Square gates

  • Idea Booklet

  • A Bag to hold it all in!


  • All Connetix Tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free, sealed and riveted for extra safety.
  • Unique beveled design allows Connetix to be strong while offering beautiful clear refractions.

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