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Australia's Wild Weird Wonderful Weather

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Did you know that, in 2009, a massive dust storm in
Australia blew red dust and sand all the way to New Zealand, where it turned
the glaciers pink? That, in 1899, Cyclone Mahina plucked dolphins out of the
ocean in Far North Queensland and deposited them on cliff tops? That it snowed
at Uluru in 1997?

In Australia's Wild Weird Wonderful Weather, readers are introduced to
the wide range of weather in Australia, with bite-size pieces of information
presented alongside graphic illustrations to entice young readers. Older
readers will enjoy the detailed explanations about everything weather, from
what causes certain phenomena to reading weather maps, exploring the climate of
the past and preparing for the climate of the future.

With sections about
Australia's extreme weather and the effects of climate change, Australia's Wild Weird Wonderful Weather
gently introduces young readers to the challenges of a warming planet and
encourages them to be mindful of impact their actions have on the environment.

A resource section and
glossary of weather words at the back of the book enable a parent, teacher or older
reader to satisfy the deeper interest in weather that the book is sure to