Bio Mini Sand Set

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This cute little set in subdued, natural colours is a must for playing in the sandbox or at the beach. Playing outdoors with sand and water is wonderful for strengthening your child’s motor skills and senses. This toy range has won a silver medal of 2020 in the category of sustainability. Made from bioplastic sourced from the renewable raw material, sugarcane. Sugarcane is an example of an alternative and renewable crop that can be used as a clean source of energy and as a raw material for production of multiple products. The processing of raw sugarcane into sugar creates a residual product that can be converted into ethanol and used in Dantoy bioplastics. After use, these toys are 100% recyclable. Recommended for ages 2+.

4 piece set includes:

  • Bucket
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Watering can

Materials: Bioplastic sourced from sugarcane (90% Biobased). Recycled cardboard packaging.