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Bio Vehicles

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The perfect cars to take over the hills and through the dessert, or race around the dirt track.  Take them to the beach or play in the backyard.

A great size for little people and little hands.

A race car and a Jeep, or choose the Airplane and the little bubble car.

Made from eco friendly Bioplastic - so it feels like plastic although it is 100% renewable. Made from Sugarcane.

Now the kids can have a toy that lasts and you know it's good for the world too. 

Beautiful muted tones.

It is also Dishwasher safe! 

 Made in Denmark

Size:   Approx 15 x 14 cm depending on vehicle

Ages  2+ yrs


Dantoy Bioplastic toys are made from sustainable, biobased, recyclable sugar cane. Dantoy is a company based in Denmark specialising in earth friendly toys, specifically play vehicles. Dantoy trucks, tractors and trains are not only better for the environment, but aesthetically pleasing made in neutral earthy tones.

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