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Round Pacifier 2 Pack - Cottage Blue and Gorgeous Grey - 3-36M

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The iconic Hevea pacifier is a fantastic sustainable option and a great alternative to a traditional silicone/petroleum-based dummy as, due to its natural rubber composition, it puts no unnecessary pressure on our planet. Hevea pacifiers are completely plastic-free, pull-tested to the highest safety standards, and made without phthalates or heavy metals.

Now available in a brand new 2-pack combo, Hevea pacifiers are soft and gentle on your baby's face and have brand-unique ventilation holes. The solid and ergonomic butterfly shape is thoughtfully designed to give space for your baby's nose and chin. Each pacifier has a silky-smooth touch and is resistant to chewing and biting.

They are easy to clean in hot water and very hygienic due to their seamless design. Safe by nature, beautiful by design. Always non-toxic, BPA free and phthalate free.

Note on 2-pack pouch packaging
Ideal for online stores, these 2-pack pacifiers come in minimalist sustainable packaging; an eco-friendly and 100% certified compostable pouch. The pouches are made from sustainable kraft paper and other biodegradable materials, making gentle green fingerprints on our planet. With the sealed closure design, it can be used for storage of the pacifiers when not in use. The 2-pack products are designed to provide an economical way for repeat consumers to buy Hevea colour pacifiers on a regular basis. Although the 2-packs can, of course, be sold in physical stores, the emphasis of the packaging is on minimising waste and cost. The clever pouch design achieves that result. Minimum order quantity 6.

Available in 4 different colour combinations for size 3-36months: Baby Blush & Rosewood, Cottage Blue & Gorgeous Grey, Hunter Green & Olive, and Pale Butter & Milky White

Hevea 2-pack colour pacifiers come in 2 different teat shapes:

ROUND - The round shape is similar to the shape of most other bottle nipples. This shape is good for babies that are used to drinking from a bottle.

ORTHODONTIC - Orthodontic pacifiers are designed to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life, as baby teeth come in and eventually give way to adult teeth. The orthodontic pacifier has a flattened bottom and rounded top. It is gentle on teeth and gums, making it perfect for sensitive gums and little growing teeth.


  • 100% natural rubber latex – people and planet friendly production
  • No PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colours
  • Soft and gentle on baby’s face
  • Uniquely designed ventilation holes
  • Hygienic solid design – eliminates bacteria
  • The ergonomically butterfly shape gives space for nose and chin
  • Prevents vacuum around the mouth

Once this natural rubber pacifier has reached the end of its lifespan, it can be easily composted and returned lovingly back to the earth! Good for baby and good for the planet! 

Product Safety

All Hevea pacifiers are tested and meet EU standard EN1400, US CPSIA regulations and Australian regulation AS 2432-1991

It is recommended that, subject to individual usage, a pacifier is replaced every 6-8 weeks. This is a general recommendation for all types of pacifiers for reasons of safety and hygiene.